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MTB member Go-Pen is Finalist in Danish Tech Challenge

Every year, DTU Science Park is hosting its Danish Tech Challenge that aims to accelerate #hardware startups who build solutions with the potential to change the world. This year, MedTechBridge member GO-Pen is a finalist.

GO-Pen has the potential to change the lives of #diabetics with its patented solution, an insulin pen. The pen is a safer, non-stigmatizing and easier alternative than syringes. See Ole K. Nielsen, CEO at GO-Pen, pitching its potential here.

"Insulin was discovered 100 years ago. 13 million people still use 100-year-old injection technology. With our solution, we can prolong lives while ensuring that everyone has access to our affordable pen." Ole K. Nielsen, CEO at GO-Pen

Ole from GO-Pen pitching at the Danish Tech Challenge. The initiative is, just as MedTech Bridge, funded by The Danish Industry Foundation that aims to create the future growth layer of trade and industry and support entrepreneurship.

"We're happy to look back on six years where far the most of the companies that have participated have survived on long term are commercially sound, have grown significantly and attracted lots of capital." Thomas Hofman-Bang, CEO, The Danish Industry Foundation

The winner of this year's DTC will be announced January 28 where Crown Prince Frederik will deliver the price of DKK 500.000. Read more about the #DanishTechChallenge here.


Go-pen is an #impact focused startup:"We aim to expand access to affordable, appropriate and sustainable medical technologies that address unmet health needs in the world’s most resource constrained populations." Read more about #GOPen and its affordable insulin pen here.


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