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MedTech Bridge is built on the belief that one of the ways to address global challenges in healthcare systems, is to make innovations as widely accessible as possible, as fast as possible. This is not the only solution to the global healthcare challenges, but it is the area where we can make a difference. Our chosen channel is US<->EU, because that is what we know best - and everyday we work to shorten the distance between US and EU MedTech innovations and markets.

MedTech Bridge represent more than 120 innovative European MedTech companies, all looking into what it takes to enter the US market. Innovators who all experience the same challenge – the US market is a vast and complex healthcare system to understand. Through our invaluable partners, mentors, and service providers, we make a concerned effort to make the complex manageable, and to identify that one connection or entry point that can make a world of difference for an innovator.

MedTech Bridge represent a selection of US based MedTech innovator companies, all facing the same challenges as the EU based companies – understanding the structure of a complex healthcare system build on different ideologies is difficult. Through our network in EU, we make the same concerned effort to make the complex manageable, and the primary entry point onto the EU market.

Our members know and realize that building solid MedTech innovation is not just about addressing a need, it is just as much a matter of building relationships and partnerships in a shared effort to build the best solutions for the future. Our members enjoy being part of a team effort, as much as they enjoy taking the lead on the complex questions. At MedTech Bridge we enjoy every hour spend on advancing our members, and working to make solid innovation widely accessible. 

Our history in 4 sentences

MedTech Bridge was founded in 2018 with funding from the Danish Industry Foundation. Our original purpose was to serve as a catalyst for Danish small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) and startups seeking to enter the US MedTech market. Since then, we’ve broadened our scope to include companies from all of EU and US. With hubs in both Denmark and the US, Medtech Bridge is perfectly positioned to serve as a fast-track connection between the #1 health tech cluster in the world, Minnesota’s Medical Alley, and the European MedTech innovation eco-systems.

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Provide wise strategic and tactical advice and planning to MedTech companies looking to cross the Atlantic. 



Help create the next $1B MedTech Company


Webinar Recording - Introducing the Market Assessment Report

Webinar Recording - Introducing the Market Assessment Report

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