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US Investors 

Fundraising is hard.


To be successful, startups need to be able to tell their story effectively, identify MANY potential investors and partners, manage an organized outreach campaign, follow up frequently and have productive meetings that lead to closing deals. MedTech Bridge has partnered with fund raising experts to help entrepreneurs on this journey. Entrepreneurs need to get out of their local or regional comfort zone and be ready to conduct business in a global environment, with a particular focus on the United States, where over 50% of the global market for medical technology is awaiting new and better products.
Together with our collaborators, we have helped early-stage companies build the strategies needed to successfully fundraise and to facilitate cross-border investments, licensing, and M&A transactions. We can help you generate the marketing collateral, develop the tools needed for investor outreach, and help you build your investor identification and outreach campaign strategy.
Reach out to us at MedTech Bridge, if you want to know more about how we can help - and if you are worried about the associated fees, we have ways to help with that as well - we have ways we can help without an up-front payment, and can defer fees until a capital raise is ensured...

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