Market Assessment

The MedTech Bridge Market Assessment and Report is an important tool in your US go to market path evaluation, in the early stages of your planning.

At MedTech Bridge, we work with the concept of "Market Sweet Spot", which we use in all aspects of our go to market investigations. The Market Sweet Spot is not necessarily the most profitable market entry point - it is the optimal market entry point, where the balance between profitability and investment needed is just perfect for a startup.

We will not limit our investigations to the obvious market entry point. We will look at adjacent spaces, and even markets that aren't easily identifiable as part of desk research.

It can provide a top-level assessment and overview of the most important aspects of the US market:

  • Market fit. Where in the US healthcare system does your product or solution have a natural home.

  • Market size. Rough order of magnitude assessment of total obtainable market.

  • Who will be your Key Opinion Leaders, and where in the US healthcare system are they.

  • Regulatory assessment. What is your classification and your most likely path to FDA approval. 

  • Reimbursement overview. Initial assessment of reimbursement code, coverage, and payment.

Equally important, the Market Assessment Report will provide some insights into “the finer print” on going to US market:

  • Are there barriers to entry.

  • Are there solid incumbents with large market share.

It will not be all-encompassing, but it will be the best assessment by the best experts available - and most importantly, it will be tailored to your needs and budget. We will always customize the Market Assessment to your needs, regardless how big a challenge you face in your US market entry.

Human Factors and Usability Testing

  • Conduct research in acute and clinical settings with clinicians and patients

  • Design research for qualitative and quantitative studies

  • Create protocols

  • Moderate evaluations

  • Analyze data

  • Prepare reports 

  • Perform use error and root cause analysis

  • Deliver medical device design solutions that ensure safe use

Market Research

  • KOL/physician consulting

  • Focus groups

  • Survey research

  • User research and testing

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Workshops

Market Assessment and Strategy

  • Competitive landscape

  • Early adopter/KOL list

  • Proposed messaging

  • Channel strategy

  • Pricing considerations

  • Sales tools

  • Product launch plan

Fractional Marketing

  • Website development

  • Collateral/video creation

  • Conference presence

  • Earned media strategy

  • Social media strategy

Reimbursement and Healthcare Economics

  • Health economic assessment

  • Reimbursement assessment 

  • Market access strategy

  • Customer and sales training and materials

Regulatory and Clinical 

  • Regulatory assessment

  • Clinical study strategy

  • FDA market access strategy

  • CE Mark strategy and Notified Body mapping

  • Quality system development