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Mentors and Advisors

At MedTech Bridge we are fortunate to have, in our network, some of the most experienced US MedTech executives in the industry - all willing to spend time with you, to listen to you, learn about your solution, and help you answer your most pressing questions on your US or EU market access.

Our mentors cover a VERY wide range of topics:

  • Where, in the US healthcare system, does your solutions fit.

  • Who are your early adaptors.

  • What clinical behaviors' change need to happen to implement your solution.

  • Who are your main competitors.

  • How do you setup supply chain to service US or EU.

  • How are clinical requirements different on a different market.

  • And a lot more...

Sometimes our mentors end up on your advisory board or as a fractional CxO on your team - and that just makes us happy :)

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