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Members are Danish Finalists in Nordic Startup Awards

Nordic Startup Awards has just announced their Nordic Finalists for the category: Best Health Tech Startup and we are proud to say that all five are MedTech Bridge members.

Meet them here:

FINALIST: Radiobotics

Co-Founder, Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, is also nominated as Founder of the Year!

Radiobotics is challenging the status quo of musculoskeletal radiology: they are an award-winning HealthTech company with a vision to automate the analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals.

🚀 Last year, Radiobotics visited Minneapolis for the second time with the MTB Team and recently entered a valuable partnership with US-based company vRad as a direct outcome of the connections made by the MedTech Bridge and The Medical Alley Association


Imagine a world without musculoskeletal disorders!

... A world where we can work without back pain and tennis elbows - a world where our body is not the one forcing us to retire: That is PRECUREs​ vision. PRECURE​ helps insurers and companies to prevent MSD and thereby avoid loss of time and money while improving occupational health.

MedTech Bridge is currently supporting PRECURE in reaching its customer segment by generating several dialogues with potential US customers and partners - previous efforts include identifying these customers with a US mentor.

🚀 Now they are ready to take off: A planned trip to Minnesota had to be postponed due to the unfortunate Covid-19 situation but PRECURE is ready as soon as the pandemic allows it.

FINALIST: Particle3D

We Print Bone™!

Particle3D is working to make bone replacements more accurate, effective, and safe by the use of proprietary technology to 3D print patient-specific bone implants that are individualized, porous, and degradable.

It has also been nominated for Startup of the Year!

🚀 Particle3D has actively participated in many of our events and webinars, most recently, its founders got to practice their pitching skills followed by a live virtual Investor Meeting - here they pitched to a dozen American Investors with great success!

FINALIST: Cerebriu

CEREBRIU is supporting brain MRI workflows during scan acquisition for faster personalized radiology and have a vision to simplify radiology and improve patient journeys

...Also, CEO of Cerebriu, Robert Lauritzen, was recently awarded the Global CEO Excellence Award for Most Innovative Radiology CEO (Europe)!

🚀 Recently, Cerebriu has initiated its first clinical studies in New York with SUNY UPSTATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL as a part of their pathway into the US market and as a direct outcome of the MedTech Bridge’s and its partners’ efforts to support Cerebriu on its US Journey

FINALIST: MedicQuant

Enabling rapid and local tests for anticoagulants at the point-of-care to benefit patients:

Currently, there are no readily available solutions to address blood levels of anticoagulants called Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) at the point-of-care which is why MedicQuant ApS has developed a novel technology, chip, and instrument that can detect anticoagulants directly from the blood - within only 10 minutes!

🚀 #MedTechBridge facilitates contact with US clinical key opinion leaders to gain more insights on clinical practices and establish collaboration on implementation of MedicQuant ApS's invention in the future.


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