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Radiobotics Enters US Partnership

In the Spring of 2019, MedTech Bridge member Radiobotics went on its first MTB-arranged US visit. They met with a Minnesota based company, Virtual Radiologic Corporation, a connection made by the MedTech Bridge and Medical Alley.

Imad Nijim, Chief Information Officer at VRAD offered his expertise to Radiobotics' product and their plan to enter the US market. vRads assistance proved invaluable and led to an agreement of cooperation between the two companies.

"We are always looking for fresh and innovative ideas, we appreciate that the Medtech Bridge brought us Radiobotics"

Ian Driscoll, Project Manager, CSM/ Virtual Radiologic Corporation

As a direct result of the Minnesota visit, Radiobotics determined a new focus on an indication which the market is demanding and seized the opportunity to be a part of the vRad innovative incubator. The cooperation offers shared AI and resources to help speed growth of Radiobotics in the US.

"Our partnership with vRad is based on the great connections of the Medtech Bridge"

Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, Co-Founder and COO, Radiobotics

Read more about the new partnership here


Radiobotics is an award-winning health tech company with a vision to automate the analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals, with a focus on musculoskeletal radiology (MSk). Based on advanced computer vision and state-of-the-art machine learning methods, Radiobotics’ algorithms generate fully automated text reports with objective findings and conclusion, including visual overlays, to enhance consistency and make it faster and easier to make readings on routine medical x-ray images.


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