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When participating in our mentor coaching service, the first step is finding the right mentor fit. Our US-based Program Manager Amy connects your company's specific needs with the relevant US expertise. For Finn Bech Andersen, CEO at PRECURE, it meant three 45-minutes sessions with Tom, a senior executive within the insurance industry.  Here is his experience:

What were your initial expectations upon meeting your mentor?

"The biggest issue with the American market is that it is extremely big - so for us, the challenge was to identify the relevant segment and potential partners that should work with us. Geography is important and we needed to consider relevance (of different places). We had worked on some assumptions and basically, we cooperated on those with our mentors to get them confirmed or disconfirmed."


How has your mentor helped you?

"Confirming and disconfirming assumptions. What we did was investigate whether we could work with the insurance business in the US. Our mentor, Tom, had knowledge and experience within this industry so he was helpful and very specific to draw conclusions and targeting the industry from within. He made his experience and knowledge available to us without any concerns."

Based on these learnings what did you identify as your next step?

"The learnings made us able to focus on the segment we would go for and the next step will be to arrange a trip to the Boston and Minneapolis area together with Kristina and Lars Henrik to meet companies and potential partners within the segment."

What about your mentor impressed you the most?

"How quickly he grasped the idea we are working with and how practically he could apply his knowledge. There is always a risk that it becomes lofty on the strategic part but he was able to put it into practice so we could execute upon it."

"In terms of the whole process, it was extremely helpful to have Amy. It is hard for us to know whom to get in contact with. To find Tom ourselves would have been close to impossible. So the fact that Amy was able to identify Tom as the right person to talk to. That is what is so great about MedTech Bridge - that bridge to the industry and network in the US."


Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the biggest work-related health problems. PRECURE´s solutions help companies prevent muscular strain, and thereby create a healthier workplace, reduce costs and loss of productivity associated hereto. The solution PRECURE Insight provides companies with customized, data-based insight on their employees´ strain enabling the companies to act. Data is collected by PRECURE´s invention MLI® Elbow, a smart wearable using IoT and AI. Companies can implement MLI® Elbow in their organization to help prevent strain injuries. MLI® is an abbreviation of Muscle Load Index® and feedback to the users helping them to change behaviour and thus reduce the employees´ risk of strain injuries.

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