MedTech Bridge

Medtech Bridge is the first stop for Nordic companies entering the U.S. MedTech market. We provide startups and SMEs with experienced (and tailored) advice and vetted connections to people throughout the American MedTech ecosystem. Sign up to become a member of MedTech Bridge

Customized US entry planning components

Making the most of limited money and time is critical to your U.S. success. You must chart your entry milestones selectively and meet them before running out of cash or losing first-mover advantage. That’s where our deep connections and unique, customized market entry planning come in.

  • US market fit/approach analysis

  • Regulatory and market assessments

  • US-based mentors

  • US investor contacts

  • Soft landing facilitation

Overcome R&R hurdles

The U.S. regulatory and reimbursement (R&R) ecosystem is fragmented, complicated, and unintuitive.


Together with our network, we help members:

  • Assess their R&R status: strengths and gaps in evidence, compliance, preparedness

  • Identify key hurdles at the earliest stages of U.S. market consideration

  • Connect with service providers with directly relevant know-how and experience

Choose the right model

Tackling the giant U.S. market requires crafting the right business model. Should you go big with direct sales, work through distributors or partners, or fashion a hybrid approach? How should you scale up?


Together with our network, we help members:

  • Connect with ideal industry mentors who have been there, done that in the U.S.

  • Connect with vetted service providers for focused, segment-specific Go-To-Market planning

Raise capital

Medtech Bridge is well-connected to the robust Minnesota MedTech fundraising community. We know what U.S. investors are looking for and how to spark their interest.


Together with our network, we help members:

  • Receive coaching on best practices at every funding stage.

  • Prepare their investment case (market opportunity and viability)

  • Connect with potential investors.


  • US Strategic MedTech Marketing: Case studies from an award winning marketing agency
    20. maj 15.00 CEST
    May 20, StoneArch, a US health marketing agency, will dive deep into US health marketing for MedTech Bridge members

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