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December 2019, Stine Mølgaard, COO and Co-Founder of Radiobotics, visited Minneapolis with the MedTech Bridge team. The objective of the visit was to meet with investors and service providers in Minneapolis, in the area of FDA, as well as meeting a potential partner for a clinical study.

Prior to Stine's visit in December, MedTech Bridge supported a comprehensive pre-market assessment excursion with numerous customer visits. For Radiobotics, this was their second visit to the Medical Alley. 

Planning the visit

6 meetings were scheduled in the course of 2 days by Program Manager, Amy. As Amy is living in Minneapolis, her network and familiarity with the Medical Alley's ecosystem ensured that all the scheduled meetings were highly relevant and tailored to Radiobotics objectives, technology and product.


"Having Amy planning everything and ensure all meetings were relevant and handled in a very professional manner is crucial for the overall success," - Stine Mølgaard, Radiobotics 

Orthopaedic surgeons and investment bankers

Over the course of 6 meetings, Stine met with both orthopaedic surgeons, an investment banker and potential service providers. First stop was at Twin Cities Orthopedics where we were introduced to Dr Jeff Dick. Hereafter, Amy and Stine visited HCMC, a healthcare medicine clinic, where they connected with the orthopaedic surgeon, Dr David Templeman. For the third meeting, Sarah was introduced to the investment banker and venture capitalist Todd Mortensen who is in the business of connecting people with investors through his consultancy practice. Next stop was at a potential service provider, OneLifeSciences, where we met CEO Mathew Kyle. It was further a great opportunity to get contacts in Al, radiology and general med devices. The last two meetings were with a law firm that works with startups and international clients, Ann Ladd, Intellectual Property Attorney, and Steffen Hovard, CEO and previous President for the Coloplast Group.

Outcomes: new learnings and connections

Great new contacts were established and overall the visit was extremely successful in fulfilling its purpose and objectives. Stine went home to Denmark with great new Al and radiology connections, increased knowledge on Minnesota's ecosystem and an established connection to current and future potential investors. The visit also confirmed the high interest in the technology and product that Radiobotics offers; besides being deemed very successful, US doctors considered a clinical study to be a great opportunity. 


Radiobotics is an award-winning health tech company with a vision to automate the analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals, with a focus on musculoskeletal radiology (MSk). Based on advanced computer vision and state-of-the-art machine learning methods, Radiobotics’ algorithms generate fully automated text reports with objective findings and conclusion, including visual overlays, to enhance consistency and make it faster and easier to make readings on routine medical x-ray images.

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