US Matchmaking

One of MedTechBridge's most common services is matchmaking our member companies with US advisors and experts. It is the network that is MedTech Bridge that makes us unique. A bridge, between Nordic medical technology companies and US experts, advisors, and professionals. A bridge, to US market entry. Learn more about how we do 


When we match our members with our US network, we do so based on the individual company's needs and across services, whether it is reimbursement mentoring, regulatory legal advice, or US commercialization and go-to-market strategy. We always take our point of departure in the individual company and are actively engaged in following and supporting our members' US journey, each step of the way. 

Adam Hansen,

CCO & Co-Founder


Why did you decide to join the program? 


As we started planning our US entry there were a lot of questions that we couldn’t answer ourselves or with a Google search. Therefore, we joined the MedTech Bridge to gain access to experts who are – or have been – based in the US and can help us get the answers we need to draw our US entry map. 


You recently had meetings with Senior US executives and advisors on how to set up a US company and go to market in the US. What was the purpose of these meetings? 


The purpose of the meetings was to gain as much knowledge about reimbursement, marketing, and sales in the US, and to hear what others have experienced when starting the US entry process so that we don’t make the same mistakes. 


What were your main learnings and key takeaways?  


The key thing we have taken from all these meetings and webinars is that you need to have customers who use your product on a day-to-day basis, which will help us with the initial sales, signing on a distributor, and so on.  


What was your overall experience?


The meetings have helped us to get answers to those questions we couldn’t answer ourselves and have definitely helped us draw a more detailed US entry map. 

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