Bridging Nordic Innovation and US MedTech Experts

One of MedTechBridge's most essential services is the connections we make between our member companies and US advisors, experts, and potential go-to-market partners and customers. The network that is MedTech Bridge is what makes us unique. A bridge, between Nordic medical technology companies and US experts, advisors, and professionals. A bridge, to US market entry. Here you can learn more about how we approach our US matchmaking and hear from our two members, AW Technologies and MelaTech. You can also learn more about our two member companies below. 

A company tailored approach

When we match our members with our US network, we do so based on the individual company's needs and across services, whether it is reimbursement mentoring, regulatory legal advice, or US commercialization and go-to-market strategy. We always take our point of departure in the individual company and are actively engaged in following and supporting our members' US journey, each step of the way. 

"What impressed me the most about the program was the customized approach. The help we received was tailored to our needs at the time and there was a continuous non-invasive follow-up."

- Niels Steen Krogh, CEO, MelaTech

(Dis-)confirming assumptions about the US market

One of the most valuable learnings that we experience our members making is when they are able to confirm and, more often than not, disconfirm assumptions that they may have about US market entry. By getting access to the right experts (and by asking the right questions, which we are here to make sure they do) we see members completely shifting their focus and resources, ultimately saving valuable time. 

"The purpose of our meetings with Senior US executives and advisors was to gain as much knowledge about reimbursement, marketing, and sales in the US, and to hear what others have experienced when starting the US entry process - so that we don’t make the same mistakes."

- Adam Hansen, CCO & Co-Founder, AW Technologies

Immediate feedback

Our matchmaking with potential partners in the US is not just a long-term effort - most burning questions are taken care of immediately, to make sure important investments are spent the right way.

"As we started planning our US entry there were a lot of questions that we couldn’t answer ourselves or with a Google search. Therefore, we joined the MedTech Bridge to gain access to experts who are – or have been – based in the US and can help us get the answers we need to draw a more detailed US entry map."

- Adam Hansen, CCO & Co-Founder, AW Technologies 

"I had few expectations when signing up for the program and was surprised by the quality of the MedTech Bridge network, webinars, and especially the direct and consistent help from Managing Partner, Tim Damgaard. We have received key insights regarding selling points for our software service that we were unaware of beforehand." 

- Niels Steen Krogh, CEO, MelaTech

AW Technologies

AW Technologies is a Danish innovative MedTech company, focusing on providing solutions for the healthcare system by application of airway technology engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sales of technology that reduce pain, restore health and extend life.

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Trillions of dollars are spent on the education and training of healthcare providers across the world. Despite the massive demand for efficient and reliable medical training, there have been few technological advances within clinical training and feedback. Melatech’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that enable individualized, efficient, engaging, and fun training through a Doctor-AI synergy.