Securing succesful US market entry and scaling

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Securing successful US market entry and scaling

Many Danish medical device and digital health companies have successfully launched products within the EU but have still to realize their potential in the World’s largest medtech market; the US. Analyses show that uncertainties about regulatory pathway, reimbursement and general understanding of the dynamics of the US healthcare system are among the biggest barriers to enter the US market.

MedTech Bridge is a non-profit program established to help Danish medical device and digital health companies cross the ocean and successfully materialize their potential in the US or scale their existing business even further.


The partners behind MedTech Bridge has gathered resources from Denmark and the US to develop programs, activities and best practice learnings to cater for the different needs Danish SME’s have when planning for or entering the US healthcare market or to improve their current business in the US.

"There's no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit."
William E. Cohn, Johnson & Johnson, Texas Medical Center

The Offering

With support from the Danish Industry Foundation,  MedTech Bridge is able to offer free of charge participation in programs and activities that guide your company to the best possible market entry or coach your improvement and scaling of US activities.


Each company’s situation is different and therefore the programs and activities will be designed to support the individual needs in the specific stages the company passes through during a market entry or market revitalization project. 


Besides accelerator programs there are also more general programs that help companies determine their potential in the US market. 


MedTech Bridge will also tie in academic projects from both the US and Denmark in its portfolio of activities. 

*Market Access covers regulatory affairs, reimbursement, pricing and value identification, creation and communication

Anchored in the number one health tech cluster in the World

MedTech Bridge has in partnership with Medical Alley Association based its US hub in Minnesota. Medical Alley was in 2015 permanently enshrined in the Smithsonian as one of six American “Places of Invention.”


Medical Alley is the number one health tech cluster in the World with 68 health tech inventors per 100k inhabitants; compared to 62 in California, 56 in Massachusetts and 23 in Israel.


In Medical Alley 510(k) approval processes are 29 days faster than the US average beating both California and Massachusetts. The same goes for PMA’s; only here the number is 199 days faster on average.

If the Digital Health revolution has an epicenter, it just might be in Minnesota’s Medical Alley. 2016 investments in digital health companies, combined with investments in medical device companies, accounted for 90% of the $420M raised in Minnesota.


Medical Alley has consistently ranked as one of the world’s highest performing medical device clusters and now adds digital health to its leadership ranks.


This may be the reasons why Danish health-tech luminaries and IT stars such as GN Resound, Coloplast, Queue-it, Siteimprove and Cludohave chosen Medical Alley for their US headquarters.


Apply for your free membership of Medtech Bridge today!

MedTech Bridge now invites Danish SME’s and academic research projects within medical devices and digital health to become members of the MTB program and enjoy the benefits of a strong network, master-classes and peer-to-peer knowledge distribution of best practices and network in the US. For eligible companies there will access to tailor-made accelerator platforms and mentor programs.

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