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Demystifying USA Market Entry:
10 steps for success


Mark made US market entry simple by introducing members to the US marketplace and by providing 10 steps for success


  • The Complexity and Changes of the US Market

  • Managing Payers and Reimbursement

  • Sales Strategy

  • How Hospitals Buy

  • The Role of Marketing and Branding in the US



Healthtech Reimbursement Masterclass - Getting paid in the US: Day 1


NAMSA visited MedTech Bridge for a full-day seminar on US Reimbursement Strategy. 

Edward Black, Director of Global Reimbursement Strategy spoke on the following topics:

  • Overview of U.S. Health Care Policy

  • Integrated Planning: Reimbursement, Regulatory, Clinical

  • Reimbursement Fundamentals

  • Product and Procedure Coding

  • Payment: Methodologies and Allowances

  • Coverage: Government and Commercial Insurers

  • European vs. U.S. Reimbursement Requirements – How They Differ

  • Working with Government and Commercial Insurer

Yosri El-Achheb, Account Manager,

Michelle Mariea, MRO Strategy Advisor 

Edward Black, Global Reimbursement Director, NAMSA (US)

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