Securing successful market-entry for Danish MedTech companies in the US market

MedTech Bridge carries Danish medical device and digital health companies over barriers to entry in the US healthcare and MedTech markets

At MedTech Bridge, we are facilitators, collaborators and coordinators. We are a nonprofit community that puts small to medium-sized Danish medical technology leaders together with seasoned experts who know their way around the complexity of the US healthcare system.For promising Danish SMEs, we help turn uncertainty into confidence and hesitation into action.

Many Danish medical device and digital health companies still have to realize their potential in the World’s largest MedTech market; the US. Analyses show that uncertainties about the regulatory pathway, reimbursement and a general understanding of the dynamics of the US healthcare system are among the biggest barriers to enter the US market.

Lars Henrik,
Program Director
Fast Track Connection to The MedTech Top Players in the US

MedTech Bridge is established in close collaboration between Danish and US partners. The program became a reality in 2018, thanks to a grant from the Danish Industry Foundation. 


With two hubs in Denmark and US, Medtech Bridge is perfectly positioned to enable a fast track connection to the #1 health tech cluster in the world, Medical Alley in Minnesota. Through dedicated programme managers in both hubs, who themselves have executive experience and a long track record from medtech companies, MedTech Bridge identifies and caters for the different needs of Danish SME's.

Welcome to Medical Alley by Frank Jaskulke, Vice President of Intelligence:

Our affiliated partners offer resources and support from Denmark and the US.

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With support from the Danish Industry Foundation, MedTech Bridge offers a comprehensive portfolio of programs and activities – all free of charge – designed to support your unique market entry or market revitalization efforts.

In-depth analysis of a company’s readiness for or relevance to the US market. We design and arrange company tailormade fact finding and customer feedback visits in the US.

Market Fit Tests

We follow the FDA to keep track of the latest developments and trends. We arrange member workshops when relevant to US commercialization.

Monitoring of FDA activities

We collect and document best practices from members. We drive an active member network that shares knowledge and best practices at meetings and through our best practice library.

Facilitated Sharing of Best Practices

US Go-To-Market Classes

In-person presentations given by US MedTech experts in fields related to US commercialization


Be a part of a great network within the industry 

Presentations by regulatory experts about specific topics around FDA clearance for medical devices or digital health, including mobile health, health IT, wearable devices and personalized medicine.

Deep Dive Regulatory Classes

Volunteer mentors offer actionable advice and guidance based on their deep knowledge and experience in three 45-minute, one-on-one virtual discussions covering the challenges of and strategies for commercialization in the US. Sessions are organized and documented by MedTech Bridge managers.

US-Based Mentors

Presentations by and access to experts to help you build your reimbursement strategy. Sharing of the Medical Alley ecosystem relevant to each member’s goals to explore, enter or improve their standing in the US healthcare market.

Market Acess Workshop

MedTech Bridge, in cooperation with inclusive commerce partnerships helps Danish companies to find resources to set up a base in US either as a representative office, branch office or subsidiary. 

Soft Landing Facilitation

Bjørn Broby Glavind,

Business Development Director,


Neurescue joined the MedTech Bridge looking for support during our entry to the US market, specifically regarding market access and to connect with relevant US clinical sites. These expectations have to date been fully realized with the support that we have been provided with.

Stine Mølgaard Sørensen,

Co-Founder and COO,


In order to define the future of our business, we need to get qualified input on our strategic considerations. We believe MTB holds that expertise.



For Danish Small to Medium-sized Companies

Sign up here if you are a Danish SME or an academic research project within medical devices or digital health.

You will get access to a strong and highly experienced network of MedTech professionals, our master-classes and peer-to-peer knowledge distribution of best practices.

Upon signing up, we will schedule an onboarding interview to get to know your company, identify your specific needs and design tailormade activities & support. We engage in a collaborative way and expect you to invest time and resources as well in the collaboration.

Membership is free of charge.

For US Service Providers

Sign up for the program if your company can bring value to accelerating the pathway for Danish MedTech companies interested in seizing the benefits of the vast US market. 


We expect that you have expertise and experience that you want to bring and initially share to become part of a new ecosystem and in the long run add to your business. MedTech Bridge programme managers will facilitate contact to members as we want to connect high-quality operators with high potential members. 

Upon signing up we will reach out to you to get acquainted with your company and your services. Sign-up does not guarantee placement.




Presented by Cassie Benowitz,

Co-founder and strategist at 2Health,

on March 23rd

Cassie will show us how she helps customers avoid common marketing mistakes and uncover tangible and intangible benefits of their product or service - and how to say it succinctly.



Lars Henrik Jensen

MTB Program Director
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Amy Asbury

MTB Program Manager
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